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Who am I?

Intuitive Spiritual Speaker, online and in person at your events. Actor. Teacher. Coach. All-around healing presence.

I also do webinars for small or large groups and individual classes, interviews on any medium and Intuitive Public speaking at events. 

With an unbeatable...

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My presentation packages

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Depending on your event or conference needs, I offer a range of different options that are designed to accommodate for varying age groups,...

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A little more about me

"I do do yoga, meditate, pray, believe in God, know that Buddha was a spiritual Master, value the Tao Te Ching, understand the Bhagavad Gita, trust in the Law of Attraction, teach other people how to concentrate, meditate and visualize. I know what my Dharma is. I am a liberal, I hug strangers, loved ones and...

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